Is SURenderingOptionsGetValue supposed to work?


i’m in the process of writing a sketchup importers for a 3d-application

SUResult res = SURenderingOptionsGetValue(rOpt, “FaceBackColor”, &val);
res is is always SU_ERROR_INVALID_OUTPUT
for any option-name i tried

what i need is EdgeColorMode, FaceColorMode, ForegroundColor, FaceBackColor, FaceFrontColor
every call with this strings returns SU_ERROR_INVALID_OUTPUT



Can you provide a sample code snippet with more context?


// that’s my current code

int skp_getRenderParams(SUModelRef model, SkpRenderParams* pRenderParams)
SUResult res = SU_ERROR_NONE;
SURenderingOptionsRef rOpt = SU_INVALID;

SUModelGetRenderingOptions(model, &rOpt);

	SUTypedValueType valType = SUTypedValueType_Empty;
	SUTypedValueRef val = SU_INVALID;

	SUResult res = SURenderingOptionsGetValue(rOpt, "FaceBackColor", &val);



btw. i’m compiling using unicode char set
The key is assumed to be UTF-8 encoded, which is in this case,
just to make sure i used a unicode string L"FaceBackColor", converted it to utf-8…

thanks for your help


I’m not that familiar with the C API, @bugra or @Paul can give better answers. But I maybe you might need to use SUTypedValueCreate?


ah, yes, that did it !
seems rather weird to me, as i don’t have to create a face to get its data
but that’s how it works… and i’m not really familiar with COM

thanks again


I found the pattern odd as well to be honest. But I’m glad it worked.
Though I’m not sure if you need to explicitly release it after use…


yes, it needs release after