Is sketchup precise enough for CAO

I want to make some coaxial air-pump, with cylindre.
And sketchup don’t like curve, it’s alway polygonale.

To make the piece work on reality, in need a infinity of segment, is it possible, how ?

Sorry for my english.


No. It’s not possible. Most likely it isn’t really necessary.

How are you making the pump? What process?

You can increase the number of segements used for interpolating the circle/arc, don’t click but just type in the VCB box (see status bar) during creation. You can change it later on selecting the circle/arc and adjusting in the element info panel… at least if not already processed further.

If you need precise data based on analytic curves (circles/arcs, splines) for e.g. professional manufacturing purposes (CAM/CNC) a 3D NURBS surface/solid modeler is regularly required.

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