Is SketchUp Powerful?

I’ve seen this noted before & with other software. So what is this statement referring to ?

Isn’t SketchUp without extensions etc a manual 3D modelling type software that isn’t “Powerful”, but intuitive/addictive & easy to use ?

In contrast, would we say, for instance, that a parametric modelling/CAD software for architecture that has abilities for creating building elements via parametric UI’s & inserting those items into other elements that cuts/heals the element its inserted into is “Powerful” ?

So, is SketchUp “Powerful” :muscle: because of its intuitive/manual use regardless of parametric native tools ?

SketchUp is powerful because it is easily adaptable by individual users. Extensions provide a means to further take advantage of skills of others using the software.

The SketchUp community is another “power” tool.

I am a SketchUp fan.

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SketchUp is plenty powerful with just its native tools. The vast majority of my modeling is done with the native tools. Even complex models like the steam engines I’ve done are almost entirely done with native tools.

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