Is sketchup heading somewhere?

Sketchup on the web is shaping up to be a good totally free of charge modeler. Thats really nice of you. Many, like me, however, pay the extra to get the pro features. But what are those really? I use the same tools as in versjon 3, 15 years ago.

A decade ago we asked for proper 2d dwg export, and newer got it. We can buy a plugin, Scalp, that does half the job, exporting layers, but not components/groups. We need export of layers, line type styles, origin, and components. Why would anyone pay to get only half the job done?

Many people have in the forums over the years asked for cut-through components to work on solids, as a cut through depth. A decade ago I saw this obvious workflow improvement suggested. The basic feature to get windows to fit on a solid wall.

One improvement I do appreciate: Now we can make out of axis rectangles without defining new xyz every time, it works properly and reliably with inference to define the baseline now.

Professionals need some basic stuff for their workflow. We pay for those things. I suggest you make some of the things professionals need also, aside from the cool things you make for the not paying crowd. We do pay your salary, and that is just kind of a fact.