Is SketchUp as user friendly as CAD?

Hey all good to see a 3d modelling software being developed.I have a question related to this software.Is this sketchup user friendly as a CADD software or an autocadd???:smirk:

Many would say it’s much more user-friend than other CAD software.

waaaay more user friendly and much more intuitive… with a helpful and friendly community :wink:


It’s the first time I’ve seen someone saying CAD software was user friendly!


@JQL Once again i’m looking for the double like button.

Especially AutoCad! I have used and supported it for 30 years and I rather think that I know it inside and out but I still wouldn’t classify it as user-friendly. The good thing about it is that it is infinitely tweakable, and many people are very proficient with it.


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There’s a lot of businesses that are based on the premise that if you offer problems you can sell solutions.

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can we covert the cadd drawings to this sketchup and develop a model than starting the whole drawing in sketchup

You can do that.

Converting models from CAD is just the way most architects start with sketchup.

I started by converting a 3d CAD model and using sketchup for a presentation.

The whole thing started with follow me, a stair handrail didn’t import correctly so I modelled it in sketchup.

Then I found the section tool and I thought that probably this would be cooler than working with CAD.

I started learning and in a 6 months time I was tutoring Sketchup to some fellow architects here in Portugal and never used CAD again.

I think that says a bit about intuitiveness…


how can we covert the cad 2d drawings into sketchup model?

What file format is the “cad 2d drawings”.

Most likely you’ll just import them into SketchUp. There’s not much point in doing that if you’re going to leave them 2D so you’ll probably use the 2D as a starting point for a 3D model. Exactly how you do that depends a great deal on what you are starting with and what you want from it in the end.