Is Scan-center part of SketchUp Studio?

My name is Rajendra Deshpande. I am a civil engineer with 30+ years of experience.
A few years back, I had an unfortunate experience during my heart surgery. Forcing me to retire from service. I dealt with many buildings in my tenure in service. So, I took to complete PG in Architecture.

I had heard about Sketchup. So, I availed myself of the education license of SketchUp. I purchased an educational license from Authorized SketchUp reseller (Genesis Infoserve Pvt Ltd).
After purchasing, I found that Scan-center essentials is not included in my package. I tried to find out about Scan-center essentials utility on SketchUp website. It is an integral part of SketchUp studio.
Reseller told me that an education license does not include Scan-center essentials. I need clarification on that matter. The students who take the educational license are supplied with different versions (Downgraded) of SketchUp.
If I wanted to purchase Scan-center essentials, can I purchase it?

I don’t expect Genesis Infoserve Pvt Ltd to have an answer to my question. So, I posted it to SketchUp community.

The name of the point cloud plugin is “Scan Essentials” and yes, it is part of the SketchUp Studio package. I understand that it can also be acquired separately if you don’t need the other Studio extras like V-Ray.

the Trimble ‘Scan Essentials’ extension is (fortunately) not part of the SketchUp educational licences but the ‘Sefaira’ extension.

The Trimble ‘Scan Essentials’ extension is available with the commercial SketchUp Pro license for Windows (not macOS) only.

A 30-day trial can be obtained from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse, a training course is available at the SketchUp Learning Platform.

Alternatively you may want evaluate (trial avail.) the (commercial) Undet f. SketchUp extension (EWH).