Is Rockwool plugin runnning for version 14.0.4900?



I like to make an insulation requirement calculation using the Rockwool Energy designer plug in but can’t get it running. Is this plugin used by others, can you share your experiences with it ?
here is the link



Step 1

The latest version of SketchUp 2014 for MS Windows is 14.1.1282
See Release Notes for SketchUp 2014 - Maintenance Release 1

Please Update


Step 2

Contact the author and ask:

“Has the plugin has been updated to run under Ruby 2.0.0, and SketchUp 2014 and higher ?”

“Heeft de plugin is bijgewerkt om draaien onder Ruby 2.0.0, en SketchUp 2014 en hoger?”


The first video about installing shows some date in 2013 although the SketchUp version it refers to is SketchUp 8.
Bernard, have you contacted Rockwool yet?