Is it safe to uninstall SketchUp 2020 ? I currently use Sketchup Pro 2021

I am cleaning my HD and going to uninstall unused software.
Is it safe to go to System Setting > Add or Remove programs > SketchUp 2020 > Uninstall ?

During first update to SKP 2021, Windows 10 cannot display file thumbnail until recently update 2021.1 update thumbnail is now back so I may not need SKP 2020 anymore.

Just not sure if after install all extensions will still work as normal.

Thank you very much.

Each major version of SketchUp is a separate install and each version has its own folder of extensions so removing 2020 won’t affect 2021. If you don’t need 2020 at all, you can go ahead and uninstall it.


Thank you DaveR. I will go ahead :slight_smile:

I recently had various versions of Sketchup going back several years (“just in case”) but had to reinstall my operating system a few months ago so lost them all. I’ve felt no need to reinstall them, 2021 works well.

Make sure however you don’t delete any custom folders such as components or materials before reinstalling them for 2021. I would then only delete 2020 once you’re happy with 2021.

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I forgot to add that there is currently the greyed out menu bug with 2021 so you may want to wait until that’s fixed before removing 2020. You can just restart SketchUp however and it goes away (for a while!) so it may not be a big issue for you.

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Hi Kenny
Thank for sharing your experience. I already removed old version and 2021 with extensions still work fine. I think biggest 2021 bug is no thumbnail preview in Windows file browser but this problem was fix few month ago in latest SKP update.

I don’t find greyed out menu bug. Which menu is it ?

It is when you right click, you find many of the items in the context menu are greyed out. If you’ve not experienced it then that’s good. I get it several times a day! There have been a few threads on the issue, the most recent being this one:

Yes it’s been discussed on several threads (e.g. Intersect Faces and other Menu Items Greyed Out - #54 by RLGL). The developers are aware of it and it should be fixed in the next update.

Like you, I find it very frustrating so i hope it gets fixed soon. I’m working long days with SketchUp currently and it happens at least 1-2 times per hour which is really annoying. I now have one additional blank SketchUp session open all the time so I can close and reopen a bit faster.

Hi Finally I understand what you mean “right click menu grey out”
Previously It is not happen often so I did not notice but now seems I have this problem everyday !