Is it printable


This is a 2 part question, I want to have a part printed that is no longer available, it’s a vacuum hose adapter that came with a tool I bought 40 years ago. The first part of my question is, is it printable?

The other part is, can anyone recommend a company that would print it with breaking the bank?

This is the part: Vac adapter.skp (494.5 KB)

Looks printable to me. I exported the .stl and uploaded it to i.materialise (my go to for testing .stl files) and it looks like it wouldn’t be that bad to print. I might have used more segments in the circle to get a smoother surface.

Here’s a cross section of your part. I would radius those inside corners. The acute angle appears that it could be a weak spot. It’s pretty thin there.

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I’ve had good luck with Shapeways. Sometimes they have specials making items almost affordable.


96 sides on the circle used for the Follow Me path.

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Thanks Dave, good catch on that radius, I’ll give it another try.


Good luck.

I reduced the amount of material required by replacing that thick part at the top with web pieces. There’s six of them radial arrayed around the inside.

Thanks again Dave, a new challenge, took me a while to figure out, the finished model is here.Vac adapter 3.skp (2.4 MB)

Checking out Shapeways, thanks Shep.

Oops, forgot to reduce it.
Vac adapter 3.skp (2.4 MB)

Not getting much from Shapeway, I’m using 2017 Make, exported the model as a .dae file, there auto reply indicated a missing Plastic_Red.jpg file which doesn’t seem to exist on my computer, I do have a Plastic_Red.skm file. Have given this info to them. Is Make capable of 3D printing?

I expect you need to be exporting a .stl file. There’s an extension available for that in the Extension Warehouse. SU2018 and later natively include the capability to export .stl files but with 2017 you need the extension.

The only extension I found was a simlab stl exporter, says it’s compatible with 2017, but click install popup says not compatible with OS or my version of SU, installed it anyway, then spent 30 minutes chasing my tail trying to export the file. Hopefully Shapeway can help. Thanks again for your help.

I wonder how you searched. Searching by ‘stl’ also turns up the one I was thinking of.

I searched for stl exporter, simlab free and paid was the only thing that came up, will try that tomorrow, thanks.

Got a reply from Shapeway, need to zip the .dae file and texture jpg file, and still had a problem with them.
2020-08-25 08_51_41-Window
Attempted to install the stl extension. Click Windows - Extension Manager - Install Extension, went to the download folder clicked the .rbz file, the manager shows it as enabled, doesn’t show up under extensions, even after restarting sketchup.

It’s a good idea to read the description for extensions when you install them.
Screenshot - 8_25_2020 , 10_58_29 AM

This is the description that came with the extension I installed

I checked File menu Export, didn’t think to look further down the menu, will try this again.

I was referring to the description in the Extension Warehouse. The description generally gives guidance on using the extension, too.

Ok got it. One more question (I hope), does the .stl file include the texture, or do I need to zip the .jpg with the .stl file?

No. I don’t believe they do. What sort of texture are you expecting to print on this adapter?

3D Printing - Plastic Red, is the Material I selected, Shapeway rejected the .dae file because there was no texture. I’ll try it and see what happens.