Is it possible to port property lines from Digital Globe in Geo-Location?

They show up on the selection menu but not the import. Hopefully there is a way to do this. If not, what would be the best method?

Overlay county maps/parcels?


From what I can see in your image, those lines are just part of the raster image. You could trace the image if you want. Might be better to see if you can get a plot via the local GIS agency.

I was wondering on which menu you see property lines? Are you using Add Location, or Placemaker?

Unfortunately, they disappear as soon as the image is imported from the digital globe. I’ll attach an image soon - for some reason sketchup is telling me I need to sign in to use Geo-Location (even though it I’m signed in and have a green checkmark)

How would I go about getting that from a local GIS agency?

Thank you

Geo-Location > Add Location and then it’s visible on the digital globe

Probably just time to sign out and sign in again.

I guess it depends on where you are. I can go to my county’s GIS department and get a PDF of the surveyed plot map for the area I’m interested in. That provides me with the information to draw the property lines which I can then overlay on the imagery from Digital Globe.