Is it possible to not log in to the account on the parameter page?

In the actual use scenario, the selected component needs to log in to the account, can it be offline? Or does it support enterprise custom login? Is there any related API interface?

I’ve been advised to open the Live Component from Creator in SU for Web (Free or Pro), using the bottom (SU) icon in the column of icons in the top left of the Creator window:

Download it from there to your computer, then upload it from to the 3D Warehouse, either through a browser, or a version of SU (2020 or later, but soon only 2021 or later - only current version minus three releases support direct in-SU warehouse access) that can access the warehouse directly, and download copies from the warehouse to use elsewhere.

Both the Trimble Creator web app and Live Components require an internet access to use.

That said, a Live Component only needs to be connected to the internet in order to be configured. They will act as a normal component/geometry in SketchUp if you are not connected to the internet.

Even connected to the Internet, you may not get the option to Configure the component. I’ve spent ten minutes figuring how to download a recent Live Component I’ve created in such a way as to be able to configure it in SU 2022.

I find eventually that if I Download the component after opening it in SU Web from Creator, and use File/Import into a new SU 2022 model, then a R-click now offers me a Configure Live Component option that wasn’t there when I just opened it.

Same behaviour as a Dynamic Component - Import vs Open keeps the ‘component wrapper’.

Correct, a Live Component .SKP is a file that needs to be imported into a SketchUp file as it needs that ‘wrapper’.

In essence, a Live Component is the end point of a system that streams geometry to a SketchUp file (sort of like how Netflix streams a video/movie), whereby you connect to a compute engine on the cloud that does all the effort. Without that wrapper, there is no connection to the engine that does the computation.

I think that this need to connect to a server for the component settings is an error on the pro desktop versions of SketchUp.

I favor an autonomous and embedded version of the parameterization engine. The design can optionally be online but not the reading edition of the parameters in the Pro versions.
The engine update can do this as a plugin update.

The internal security systems at each company require the least amount of exit and entry to the outside. what is the gain for Trimble? For users it is a dependency that is not justified. (For Pro versions).

I hope with all my heart that you will go in this direction. less web traffic means less electricity consumption and it’s good for the planet.

No one likes to put all the eggs in one basket. why impose it on us when it is possible differently.

What do you say?