Is it possible to make guide lines around corners?

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I got a question about the usage of the guide tool. Say if I had a building or something with a rounded corner and wanting to place guide lines along the outer walls with equal distance between them. Is there any way make guide lines that follows the curvature of the rounded corner too?

I’ve tried to show what I mean in this picture:

I want the distance between the guide lines on the right to be equal to the distance between the guide lines on the left. Is there any way to do that?

The created guidelines can only be dragged in one direction, they can not follow a path.
Keep in mind: SketchUp can only draw straight edges and faces, no NURBS here!
This can also be of an advantage by choosing a certain number of sides which ‘fit’ for your specific purpose.
Handy tools: rightclick on a curve can give you a ‘GuidePoint’ at its center.
By selecting edges, you can see how it’s total sums up in the entity info

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The nearest equivalent I can think of is to use the Polygon tool with the right length of side (and hence number of edges too), centred on the curve you show, to give you the spacing you want.

Then draw lines down from the vertices, and use the plugin Convert to Construction line to change them into [Edit] finite construction lines; alternatively, use the ‘clinetool’ plugin to draw finite construction lines directly. They aren’t infinite, like guidelines, but otherwise work similarly.


… into finite guides.

The plugin also converts circles, arcs and other curves (they are all segmented in SketchUp!) into guides in shape equivalent to the original.
See: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse by Daiku.



How about PathCopy extension. I made a copy of the top edge of the wall, then pasted it in place outside the wall group, then I welded it into a polyline so that it can serve as a path. I made a simple one surface component with a guide embedded in it placed on the path (pathcopy only works with components or groups so can’t copy just a guide). Then I ran pathcopy to place instances of the component around the corner, you can type in any copy distance you want immediately after executing the copy and you can continue to change that distance until you start another operation.

Go back in and erase the surface from the component, leaving just the guide.

This method allows you to control the guide interval precisely along the whole length of the wall.


It is possible to make a radial array of guides. Combine it with linear arrays for the straight sections. Might be a tad tricky getting them exactly the same but just highlighting that you can array guides on an arc.


You can also use a couple of Fredo’s tools to divide the whole edge evenly and add guide points.


Thanks for many answer. The last fredo tools looks like it is probably the best fit for task. I will give it a try. :slight_smile:

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