Is it possible to have plugin collection?

I have some plugins and publish them. Users can have one or some of the plugins. Is it possible to have a plugin to create and configure the Toolbar for plugins that existed in the user system? I wish to be from calling methods in plugins one by one.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Like this?

Similar but not exactly the same.
This extension manages toolbars but I wish to manage extensions. I wish the new plugin add icons pictures for the extensions toolbar. Also, the suggested plugin is general but I wish to customize it for my plugins. The idea is the same.

If I understood right…
For your own plugins, sure it is possible to writhe an other one to manage.

You can check if the Extension i installed:
ExtensionsManager #each-instance_method

You can also install :
Sketchup .install_from_archive-class_method

Since you are the owner of your extension, should not be a problem to call the desired method inside of it. ( e.g.: MajidMahmoudi::MajBeam.what_ever_method)
Or make a menu/icon for above command, similar as you already did.

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BTW. Are you an employee of, or how are you related to them?

I have no idea about them. Why do you think I related to them?

Quote from your Extension file: MAJ_Beam.rb:

This software is distributed under the Smustard End User License Agreement

If I were you, I’d read - and perhaps consult with a lawyer about the license under which you distributing your Extension…

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Oh, I see, I just copy and paste this sentence and I thought it is general for all extensions. I will delete it from my extensions.

Developer @ThomThom has many extensions in Sketchup’s Extension Warehouse, including the TT_Lib² which is a “Library of shared functions used by other extensions”:


You could provide a similar extension that provided common utilities and a ToolBar manager to manage the buttons for your extensions.

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FYI, TT_Lib is a support pain for me. It made it easy to roll out fixes for shared code, but in the long run it’s been a source of many support questions. Getting users to install the library before the extensions is challenging.

I’ve been slowly migrating away from using a shared library for the sake of simplifying the user experience and reduce my support burden.


When I started Sketchup, TT_Lib was my favorite extension and help me a lot. I am sure many people like me thank you for this extension.

How did it help you? Reference for common utility methods?

recently I receive the following message in the console.
C:/Users/Majid PC/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Plugins/TT_Lib2/win32.rb:12: warning: Win32API is deprecated after Ruby 1.9.1; use fiddle directly instead

…an you will get an answer why, if you read the line 19-26. inside the above mentioned file… :wink:

I know the answer, just looking for a solution… :wink:

I haven’t gotten around to update TT_Lib to use Fiddle. Mainly because the old code still works. (Though I expect that to change with Ruby 3)

Haven’t used Fiddle all that much, but I have these examples:

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Easiest is to encapsulate the Win32API wrapper class inside TT_Lib and remove that console warning.