Is it possible to disable temporary auto fill?

Hi everybody.

I’d like to know if it’s possible to disable autofill or … automatic face creation when you draw with line, arcs, and other tools.I’m outlining a picture so if I use wireframe view the picture disappears.

Thanks in advance.

import the image ‘as an Image’ and it won’t disappear in ‘wireframe’…


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Cool @john_drivenupthewall, it works.

I imported as image but then I exploded it to convert it into a group and then lock it to avoid erasing it by accident.

You know if there is any way to protect it as image? if I do a selection “from right to left” then the image is also selected, I always can use ctrl + z to unde but I’d prefer if I can lock it.

Thank you :wink:

I think if you add a line, then group you can lock…

haven’t done it for ages…

but there is a way…


Thanks again.

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