Is it possible to create 100% luminous surfaces

within Sketchup Pro itself, without any plugins, is it possible to create an environment made purely from 100% luminous surfaces/objects? they would all be entirely unaffected by the light source as a result, of course.

need to develop a concept for a logo animation that has no shading and uses a parallel projection “perspective” along the lines of Monument Valley.

There is not a native way to make surfaces into light sources. But it sounds a bit like you are trying to avoid sketchup’s shading function which is how sketchup helps render objects so they look 3D on our 2D screens. This feature can be turned off in the shadows window; select “use sun for shading”.

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In the Shadows dialog, turn on “Use sun for shading”. Turn off shadows. Set the Light slider to 0 and Dark slider to 80%.


that did the trick, for now…still too early to tell whether this will work for all the surfaces/models I will need to include, but so far it looks as flat as I want it to, with dark turned to 100%.

nice trick, thanks!

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