Is it possible to copy gems to another pc without installing?

hello everyone i need your help for an urgent matter, i have a sketchup make 2016 64bit installed on my PC and i did install some gems into it (Prawn, mysql …) is it possible to just copy the gems folders and put them in another PC with Sketchup make 2016 32bit installed ? or should i re-install them in the new PC as well ?
thnx a lot

they may bit bit aware, installing fresh would be the best option…

but you could try it and let us know if it works…


If they are pure Ruby you will probably be ok, but if they include any compiled code you will need to get the 32-bit versions as 64-bit won’t work.

how to get the 32bit version ?
for example i used :


they don’t specify their versions in ruby gems website.

The gem install is supposed to detect the local architecture and load or build the correct version.

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Also, 32-bit gems and 64-bit gems are installed into differently named folders in SketchUp.

Which is returned from inside SketchUp Ruby via:



32-bit gem folder for 32-bit SketchUp 2014:

ENV["APPDATA"]+"/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Gems"

64-bit gem folder for 64-bit SketchUp 2015:

ENV["APPDATA"]+"/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Gems64"

Hello everyone,
indeed it didn’t work when i moved the 64bit gems to a 32bit sketchup so i installed the gems on the new sketchup 32bit thank you soo much for your help