Is it possible to adjust the tone of the entire sketchup project?

I model, add my color. match them in real life to the screen or use the dropper tool to match colors with websites. Then once i bring that all into layout and see the scenes with different lighting scenarios it pains me to think about modifying the individual material colors. is it possible to tweak the way sketchup colors the materials in whole? if there was simply a warm - cool adjustment of the “light” i think that would get me 90% there.

and then after that i print my docs on a color printer and the colors are off again, hoping for an easy way to adjust tone/warmness globally.

I’m afraid not. You could export images from SketchUp and edit them in an imiage editor before inserting them into LayOut.

Or export the LayOut file as .png images and edit them in the image editor.

thanks for the hyper fast answer Dave! i guess ill have to see if there is a PDF utility or like you said, image adjustments.

Have a look at Fredo’s MatSim plugin