Is it possible to add custom icons?

Is it possible to replace tool icons with own custom tool icons in SketchUp 2019?

Though you may not mess around with the software, some minor changes will not be problematic, and considered as ‘reverse engineering’ etc.
On Mac, you can find them if you go to SketchUp->About and then click on the resources.

On Windows, I believe they’re in the Program Files folder.

Mind you, you can replace them, but adding icons for shortcuts or other scripts would require a rubyscript/extension.

Please clarify. Where are you doing this go to and click? There is no such entry in the About SketchUp dialog if you click that item in the SketchUp app menu.

(PS I know where the icons live, that’s not my question).

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It might be called ‘open source credits’ :smiley:
But if you want to replace icons, you would have an investigating mindset by nature, I guess…

Found them. Thank you !

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Now, there is also a nice ‘hack’ to change the icon of the Styles. The little house with the round back to represent the front and back face is actually a SketchUp file from version 6.
If you alter that file with you’re own design, you can easily distinguish you own Styles.

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