Is it able to move components while inside a section plane?

After applying a section plane I have noticed misaligned components.

I’d like to move the components to their right place while inside a section plane view, because this is the best view to do this.

But unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible to move components while inside a section plane.

Is it somehow possible to move (maybe even edit) stuff while inside a section plane?

Turn off section fill and you should be able to select what you want and move/edit as much as you like.
Actually I just checked and section fill doesn’t get in the way.
Just make sure you select the parts carefully.

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Ahh, right. :sweat_smile: Thanks!

Strange, after I have read the 2nd part of your message, that it even works to select stuff while having the section fill turned on, it started to work suddenly. I swear to god, before it didn’t! I probably clicked too brutish.

Wow, to be able to move and edit geometry while in section plane view is super useful. I have never done this before even though this is so obviously useful.

Yes, I use it all the time and am surprised that many don’t.

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I find that if the actual Section Plane display is on, it is difficult to select anything behind it, so I only have it on when placing or moving the planes.