Is Cabmaker32 still operating?

there are other threads about this topic. He is recovering from covid.

On error 25? I’m not seeing them.

How did he fix it? Please share @SmallWonders

Remove your user ID from your previous post. You tagged him, he will get back to you as he recovers.

This is such an inconvenience. Gary should have posted a fix/ walkthrough on this issue after it happened the first time. Spending $200 on a product that fails is a problem.

I was going to say, I wonder if he’s ok. Glad he’s getting better

Anyone hear from him lately? I’ve been emailing him and sending him a contact through his website a couple of times a week for the last two months and he won’t get back to me.

I’m in the same boat. Purchased software but it won’t activate. Tried to contact him but had no luck yet.

No contact still. Pretty unbelievable

Yes. It’s pretty unbelieveable how sick some people get from COVID. A friend of mine spent a month on a vent and now needs supplemental oxygen. Unbelievable.

Look - I don’t mean any disrespect if Gary still has Covid. He had been unresponsive to me (and it seems, lots of others) for a long time before he had Covid. If you’re going to sell people a program, it should work. His does not. I know in the past he saw my emails as when I once threatened to get my credit card to refund my payment he immediately responded. Not the way I like to handle things, but as I said above, this is unbelievable.

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He reported here that he was dealing with COVID. No idea beyond that.

HI @gkernan, hope I find you well.
I download the CabMaker, but keep getting the error 25,
My user name is shmerling.
Can you please help.
Thank you much.

Are there any other extensions available that are in the same league as Cabmaker? I’ve tried most that are in the warehouse but none even come close. I’ve got 5 days left in my “trial”, i need to make a plan B here.

Greetings @gkernan ,“Help” I am having all kinds of problems with my cabmaker32 license. usierid Hcuellar thank you

Use the official contact page … Contact | CabMaker32

Thanks Dan

Hello Dan, did you manage to get a respond with the official contact page?
Thank you much.

I didn’t try as I’m not a Cabmaker subscriber.

I emailed Garry Kernan last night and received his response:

Sorry - I had covid and then ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks. I’m out now but fairly weak.

I’m working on some new features and I am catching up on my emails

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