Is anyone using the new iMac Pro to run SketchUp Pro 2020?

Thanks Michael,
I’m currently running 32 GB of ram (and following all of the many suggested LO and SU efficiencies and workflow disciplines on this forum and elsewhere) and am still getting the typical dog slow LO performance …
So, maybe I should bite the bullet and rip out my four 8 GB ram modules (and throw them away?), and buy/install four 16 GB modules? … It’s a cost/benefit decision, what tiny increment of performance will 64GB of ram get me in LayOut speed and performance? Not very cost effective, I suspect!
This is basically trying to compensate and solve a software code deficiency (LayOut) by massively over compensating with a hardware solution (RAM)!
I wish Trimble would just buckle down and rewrite the LO code to perform to modern Graphic software standards!
As I keep saying in this forum, Trimble should take as much money as it takes from their new subscription windfall to finally FIX this flawed LayOut product! SketchUp is a refined and elegant product, but it’s unfortunately tied to this much slower Layout dog.
Trimble, please fix this imbalance!

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