Is a 1.1 processor compatible w/any version of sketchup Pro

I know that I can’t buy into the 2021 version with this processor but is there an older version that would work? I meet all the other system requirements but am stumped here and anxious to get going on this program. Thank you for answering my beginner question:)

What is a 1.1 processor?

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Normally the only pro version you can buy a license for is the current version so in this case that would be 2021.

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Your profile says you are running Mac Big Sur, from which we can conclude your computer is a Mac. Any Mac that can run Big Sur can also run SketchUp 2021.

But what is a 1.1 processor? I’ve never heard of that. If you click the Apple icon at the top left of your screen and then choose About this Mac, what does the Overview tab say are your Processor and Graphics?

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I wasn’t sure what a 1.1 processor was either, so I did a Google search. It could refer to the new MacBook Air, and if that is what you have, it would be worth a try. It appears to be a capable computer.


So a 1.1 Gigahertz CPU. It helps if you give the complete info up front.

Go ahead and try SketchUp 2021. With Big Sur, it’s certainly the best option for you.

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This is what I found on system requirements to run the program but if you look in this feed you will see another screenshot I shared of my system. As I can see it’s a 1.1 processor .

So you’re talking about the speed of the CPU. You should be adding in the ‘Ghz’ part. You can try SU2021 and see what you get. Older versions of SketchUp aren’t going to support Big Sur and as I wrote before, they usually only sell licenses for the current version.

Are you able to explain to me what I misunderstood in the minimum requirements?

The minimum requirements indicate that you need a faster processor than you have. As Colin indicated, it may still work. You can install 2021 and use the trial period to find out. If it doesn’t work, you’ll probably need to upgrade your hardware to meet the needs. As I already wrote, older versions do not support Big Sur (they may work although some users have reported problems) and Trimble normally only sells licenses for the current version so you probably wouldn’t be able to get a license for an old unsupported version.

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I was hoping that you had one of the new 1.1 GHz Macs, but you have an older one.

I haven’t tested this to make sure, but I don’t think SketchUp will refuse to run just because the processor is lower speed than the minimum requirements. You may as well give it a try, then report back about whether it worked.

It will most likely run, but somewhat slowly on any but fairly simple models.

What I see in the screenshot is recommended hardware, not minimum requirements…

Here is the bit just below where the screenshot cuts off.

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@colin, I could’nt see that…
But it’s strange that the recommended is the same as required. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Usually recommended is higher than required!

I noticed that as well. The RAM and VRAM settings are higher for the recommended ones.

I am so grateful for this forum and your help in my matter. Please let me know your opinion if I just need a new computer before I go all in with this program. I am an interior designer and plan to take a course and use Sketchup Pro with future clients.

It’s hard to tell because we still don’t know what graphics card your current computer has…

Edit: I see now that you have Intel HD graphics witch is an intergrated graphics chip. Those are not recommended for SketchUp. It does work ( i have one too), but I use SketchUp for hobby only, light models and no rendering so I get by…
If used for work and rendering you really need a dedicated graphics card!
There are a lot of people here who can give you better advice on witch cards are good.

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Nhopper has a Mac. The OpenGL problems with integrated Intel graphics have been mostly with PCs. Apple writes its own drivers. Performance is another thing.

I would guess that your computer is enough for simple models,learning to use the application and making simple layouts with simplified furniture components.

Interior designers tend to work with basic models provided by others, and need, at least from time to time, to use realistic 3D models of things to create renderings and presentations, also with external rendering applications or plugins. For that kind of work, I think, you would need a computer with better specs.