Irrational behaviour after Importing dwg into SU

My SU 2017 is behaving irrationally after importing an 2013v dwg.

Any advice appreciated.

You need to describe the behavior with some words that make sense. “Irrationally” doesn’t tell us anything about what you are seeing. Upload the SKP file so we can see what it is doing.

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Screenshots or a video recording could also be helpful to understand what the issue is.

2ND.skp (955.7 KB)

Please find the skp file attached.
I have since tried saving the dwg file 2007 version which seems to enable the lines
to be selected.

It will be interesting to see what you have to say. Thank you for your interest.


first, you have 341 layers in your file, and only 7 have content. Always purge your DWG in autocad before you save it and import it in sketchup.

When I open that model, this is what I see. Can you expand on what is irrational about it?

There was a vast number of layers with nothing associated to them, which must have been the structure of the original file. I wonder what was originally on them… When you imported this dwg, did you get a message about items that were ignored or failed to import? There are certain kinds of dwg items that SketchUp can’t possibly import, notably ones that use proprietary extensions to ACAD.

Looks clean to me too, apart from the extra layers. What about this is unexpected?

I wasn’t able to select the lines without repeated individual clicking. (Not finding that with the V2007 dwg import)

I’m wondering if it could be an issue with my Nvideo card or memory.

Things were imported as groups, so yes you have to open the group for edit before you can select individual entities. Double-click is a way to open for edit. The preservation of groups may have been a difference from 2007.

Thank you all. (Really appreciate the speed and attention of the responses) The layer guidance was helpful. I think the multiple clicks, and then only one line selecting at a time, on the V2013 dwg import must be just an issue on my computer only.