iPad Webinar on 5/18/22

I’m trying to find out the accurate time this will be taking place. The flyer lists it as 10 am MST but we’re not currently IN Standard time. So does it mean 11 am MDT thus 12 pm CDT or is it a typo and should be 10 am MDT thus 11 am CDT?


The flyer also states 4 pm GMT - which is 10 am MDT. I would say that time is correct and the MST may have been written by mistake. I’ll post again here if I find out anything different.

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When you sign up, you should receive a calendar invite as well which will correctly show at 10 am.

Calendar invite button took me to a blank browser page.
I’ll just block out the whole morning on my work calendar. :joy:

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The joys of technology!