iPad or laptop


I have 2 issues.

I downloaded a free trail for my iPad Pro and cannot enter dimensions like you can with Sketchup pro on my PC making precise dimensions impossible. Is there a way to do it? Do I need a better version? Also not being able to use the mouse with the iPad Pro is awkward.

Am I just better off using a laptop? What kind of performance would be required?

Thanks in advance,

the SketchUp Viewer for iOS & Android cannot be used for modeling purposes etc.

SketchUp Pro (Desktop) is available for Windows & macOS, if notebook go for a high-clocked intel i5/i7 and a deciated graphics card, for Windows a nVidia Geforce GTX (1050 Ti or better). You definitely want to avoid integrated low-end graphics solutions as the intel HD series.

• SketchUp Help Center: SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements


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