iPad : flooring shows as previous flooring under the shadows…

Model saved as it stood when the strange floor was happening
Houle 3.skp (4.2 MB)

I am going to go back and delete the carpet texture… however, if you look at this model, is the flooring still the previous texture when it’s in light and current flooring texture when it’s in shadow? Or did it fix in the save? Do I have multiple layers of floor down?

Your floor has 3/4 inch of thickness, and if the top of the floor was the new texture, and underneath the top of the floor was the default texture, there shouldn’t be a problem. Instead, you have the old carpet texture on the underneath face of the top of the floor. That means there are two textures in exactly the same location in space, and the shadows are affecting which of the two shows through.

Easy solution is to delete the top face of the floor, redraw edges to get it to heal again, then paint the top face in the new material. Or, go into the floor group, select-all, then paint it with the new material.

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Excellent! Thank you!