Inviting team members

I’m trying to invite an associate to be a “team member” on a project so he can view the model I uploaded from Sketchup. He was invited to be a project member on another, unrelated project, and was able to access that project’s model without paying for TC. But he can’t get my project to connect to whatever existing account he has.

Trying to read the TC help topics, it keeps referring to a team member page. I don’t see where to find that team page. I open my project and the model page comes up, and that’s it. No way to navigate anywhere else.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Go into the project on and on the left of the screen it has a blue menu that’s says data , BCF , todo , Team etc

It’s under Team

not seeing that…

Go back one page from there - that’s the 3D viewer viewer and not the project page

when I click the “Back” button, this is what I get

clicking on any of the projects brings me to the 3D viewer page; nothing in between

Ah ok, I’ve got a weird feeling there is a setting for this you can change.

Click on the little folder icon to the right of the project name at the top of the first screenshot - choose open explorer. See if that takes you there

Found the setting - untick the 3D option in the top right.

“untick the 3D option” I’m not seeing a check box next to anything on either page. But, I clicked on the 9 squares icon at the upper right next to the person icon and selected Account Admin, which brought me to a page that has “users” as opposed to team members on it. But, the guy I invited to the project, his name and email is not showing up there.

I ended up talking into getting Sketchup Go subscription, so now he is able to open the model in SU Web

thanks, I appreciate your input, Adam

Another option is to open the model in the web version and use Share to get a link to send to your team member, this will give them a viewable 3d model that they cannot edit. The same link will update with any edits you make. Useful if you don’t want to give them too much access.

From your screenshot, I’m guessing he means toggle the highlighted icon by clicking on it.

maybe the free account has exceeded some of these conditions…

The 3D toggle button in the home screen switches between ‘Explorer View’ and 3D Viewer, but when viewing model(s) one can easily go to the explorer view or open an extra tab via this button:

There is a quick way to download a folder or file:

Use the down arrow to download:

While you are at it, one can upload the thumbnails and check the project ownership in the Project details:

It should not have impact for invited project with a license…

Yes sorry, it’s not a checkbox it’s the toggle labeled 3D that @Box has kindly highlighted here.

Was in bed, late at night on my phone when I wrote that

The first post says “without paying for TC”.

If you have a free license and you are into more than 5 projects it could impact.

I am sure Bob has a license, otherwise it says Upgrade in yellow:

(notice Wayzovski is taking part of more than 5 projects, already!)

Interestingly, the first time that I clicked on that 3D button, it didn’t seem to do anything, Box. Now I see that it controls what happens when I next click the project. Thanks for that little bit of info!

Yep, Im licensed.

Funny, when I clicked on that folder icon, and saw “Explorer”, I thought I was going to be taken to an option to download Windows Explorer browser. Ha! But, I guess that’s actually Edge now, or something.

Lots of good info in your post, Mike, thanks for all that.