Invisible Items When Dragging

When I move an item or stretch a dimension line, it goes invisible. Is there a way to turn that off. It was fine before I updated from 2020. If I have to fine tune a dimension by stretching it 1/8" I can do that just fine when I can see the dimension changes as I move it. When it’s invisible it’s impossible. This is going to make dimensioning much more difficult for me. It’s also going to be much harder to line items up.

Hopefully someone can tell me how to get it working like it was.

Thank you.

No. there’s no way to turn that off. The change was made to improve speed when moving entities within LayOut.

Well that was a failure. It’s now going to cost me a lot of time. Looks like I may have to go back to 2020. This sucks.

I guess it depends. I haven’t found any problems with it. I’m working on a project right now in LO2022 and appreciating the speed with which I can move entities around the page. No proble getting things aligned.

What do you if you have to stretch a dimension 1/8"? Or if you want to center text in a small area? We used to be able to drag it into place not guess. The speed was never a problem. Do the plan on making that an option?

I don’t see anything disappearing if I’m changing a dimension. What kind of text are you moving? Text boxes get the precision placement icon when moving them and I use that if I need to align a text box with something else.

I wouldn’t know. I’m just a SketchUp/LayOut user like you. They don’t reveal their plans for the future to me or anyone else outside of the team.

When I dimension cabinets, it’s hard to get the right dimension if it’s grabbing a door instead of the box. So a 36" cabinet might show as 35-7/8". I will just stretch it to 36" and move on from there instead of fighting to get the exact spot on the model. I can then dimension the next box off of the last dimension line. But now I can’t see the dimension when I’m stretching it. I can’t see if it’s 36" or 36-1/8". When I stretched before, the dimension would change as I moved it so I can see when to stop.
I know you don’t work for SU, I’ve seen you on for a long time. I’m not sure why they made this and why it’s not an option.

I guess I don’t get what you are describing. Maybe you need to share a LayOut file that shows the problem. I don’t find it difficult at all to get dimensions anchored correctly in the first place but if I do have some occasion to move the anchor point on a dimension (usually when I’m fixing a LayOut file created by someone else, nothing is hidden while adjusting the anchor point.

They made this change because users complained that moving entites around the page was too slow due to users’ graphics cards not being able to rewrite the display quickly enough. I expect it would have been easier for them to leave it as it was but then they’d be accused of not listening to the demands of customers. I guess they can’t win.

Ohh, thank goodness that works that way. I was dragging from the extension line. That’s better then nothing. I can make that work, still just a little harder.
Thanks for pointing that out.

Glad I posted.

If you just put the dimensions in correctly you won’t have to waste time adjusting them later. Make your work easier not harder.

Well that’s a bit insulting. I’ve been doing this for 10 years now. Maybe you don’t understand cabinets but the door reveals are only 1/8" so it’s hard to get the dimension to split the difference. It became easier to put up the dimensions right or wrong and adjust it, rather then fighting to find the exact location. I used to dimension with a cut scene but sometimes the dimension wouldn’t grab the cabinet from the cut view. I developed a way that worked for me and then they changed it.


Sorry. I’m not trying to be insulting.

I do understand cabinets and casework. I’ve been creating shop drawings and woodworking plans professionally using SketchUp and LayOut for more than 10 years. I have plenty of experience dealing with small dimensions. I’ve never found any reason to just stuff in dimensions and go back to fix them later. I put them in correctly to start with and move on.

Since your work flow suits you I won’t try to change it. Best wishes.

You did help me and thank you. I don’t know how you do your cabinets but I use Mozaik along with Sketchup, the cabinets are made the way they are built in real life with 1/8" of reveal space. That’s the problem with accurate dimensions.
You seem to be making it a pissing contest. Here’s some of my combined software work and virtual rendering.

I’m not trying to make it a pissing contest but since you seem to think so, I’ll excuse myself.

Nice renderings by the way.

Thanks for your help.