Invisible Install Trial link on Extension FlatText

I was trying to get the Trial version of the Extension Warehouse plugin FlatText. When I view the page in a browser (Chrome or Safari on iMac, or Chrome or IE on Windows 7) I can see a link in red under the Purchase box that says Install Trial from Sketchup. Clicking on that takes me to a help centre page that tells me I must install the trial from within Sketchup.

When I try to do that, on either SU Pro 2016 on Mac, or SU 2016 Make on Win 7, I get to see the Purchase button, but the area under it is plain white - no visible ‘Install Trial…’ link - as in the screenshot below:

But if I click in the white space below the button, I DO get to download and install the Trial version, and it works fine - so the link is there, but just invisible!

I see there was a Known Issue back in Nov 2015 where trial versions of any plugin couldn’t be installed at all. Is this a partial fix?

Seems odd to me.

I’ve haven’t had occasion to trial any other paid extension, so I don’t know if this is specific to FlatText, or a generic issue for all paid extensions with trial versions. The author says it isn’t within his control to fix, so at his request, I’m reporting it as a technical problem with Extension Warehouse - or maybe it should go in Sketchup/Technical problems? If it is in the wrong place, perhaps a moderator could move it.

@Barry, there’s at least one invisible button on the EW.

Moved to Extension Warehouse category.

Yep, we’re efforting…

We released a fix for this today. Please take a look and let us know if you have any issues.

Must have tried it just after you fixed it and before I saw your post here - I was pleased it looked fine.

Out of curiosity, what caused it and how did you fix it?