Invert Selection

What does “Invert Selection” do? I want to reverse a drawer slide from a left-hand slide to a right-hand slide. How do I do this.

Invert Selection selects whatever isn’t already selected. Sounds like you want to use Flip Along instead to create a mirroed copy.

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Thanks for your quick response. I am familiar with “flip along”. My problem is that this an an undermount slide which means it cannot simply be reversed as the release handles are on the inside of the slide. So flipping this slide results in the handle positioned on the wrong side of the slide. If it helps, I can send you my file. Just let me know how to do this.

Oh, yes. I am using Sketchup Pro

Upload the .skp file here. Drag it and drop it into a reply.

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Givens Laurndry Cabinet.skp (901.7 KB)

Is this not correct? Shouldn’t the drawer slides be mirror images of each other?

Thank you! Now, what does the “invert selection” function do?

As I told you in my first reply. It selects the stuff that isn’t selected and deselects the stuff that is.

Thank you Dave! You have been a great help. Obviously, I’m still learning this stuff.

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