Inventory3D - SketchUp tool for inventory management


Hello there!

I would like to draw your attention to a new extension for SketchUp, which has recently been made available in the 3D Warehouse - Inventory3D.

Inventory3 is useful for everyone who wants to improve on inventory organization, assets management, floor planning and ERP database fidelity. The trick behind Inventory3D is simple but powerful: connect your database entries with the position of a respective item in a SketchUp model.

Inventory3D provides integration to a high zoom camera (50+ times optical zoom) as well as other field data capture tools, and allows to check very quickly and precisely what inventory is actually on a site, to document the assets and cross-check them with ERP database records for this site. The Inventory3D system is very quick, simple to use and priced as ordinary office software – affordable to everybody who needs it:

  • Civil Works engineers,
  • Radio planners,
  • BS maintenance engineers,
  • Installation engineers and subcontractors.
  • Financial auditors.

Recently, an Inventory3D Use Case was presented at the ‘Trimble Dimensions 2014’ conference. The presentation received great attention and interest. The slides of this presentation are here:

For more information on Inventory3D, please check the website ( ).