Introduction of myself

I am new to sketchup. I am a VW user and do want to try this program to see what it can do. I mainly make layouts in 2D and 2D for retailers. So I need to know if the program works for me.
I downloaded the program en started a trial version. But now I can’t open “sketchup”. When I click on the icon in my Apps or in mij dock nothing happens.
What can I do about this?
Thanks already.

a Volkswagen user ? what do you drive ? a Golf ? Polo ? something bigger ? :clown_face:

did you install it the proper way ? open the archive you’ve downloaded, then drag the Sketchup folder into your application folder ? never run it straight from the archive.

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Also, if you go to the system preference app, in confidentiality / security, at the bottom, you can tell mac OS what kind of app it can run. Either Appstore only, or Appstore + identified developers.

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make sure it’s the second one.

Finally, if it’s properly installed, and you allow all to be opened, what you could do is to go to your application folder, to the sketchup folder, then right click on and open. It allows you to circumvent the security macos might have put in and launch it. If so, then it puts it on a greenlist and you can open it from dock.

Welcome to the community, you will get excellent support here as I have over the last couple of years.
However, Sketchup is a 3D modelling program and when I started, I found it frustrating thinking in and trying to make 2D layouts. It is however excellent for 3D in my opinion.
I hope you enjoy using SU but caution you to work the free tutorials before attempting to try and emulate previous CAD knowledge with it…

If VW is vector works, it’s a 3D software too…
I think it’s better to draw in 3D, 2D drawings can be done from 3D models too.

Sketchup pro has the perfect bundle imo, sketchup for 3D modeling and Layout for 2D documentation.

I agree. I do retail environments for retail stores. Specifically Fuel and Convenience stores. These projects often include a restaurant. liquor store and coffee shop.

Sketchup is perfect for me. I can easily and accurately prepare:

  1. Concept drawings for the customer with materials represented.
  2. Finished drawings for project sign off.
  3. Construction drawings for fabrication and installation.

All work is completed in Sketchup Pro 2022 and Layout. I import .dwg from architects.

I export to dwg and make some tiny corrections on Qcad pro. It’s required to present all the documentation on dwg so I can get the construction permissions.

VW, when you know you know…… otherwise you don’t.
Thanks for the input. It works now.

Thank you guido!
I am going to make some tuturials.

Thanks for the reactions. The program is working. I will start with some tutorials.