Intersecting won't come out as needed


Hello, i have a problem, ive read allkinds of topics but cant seem to get my thing to work.
I am making “knuckles” for car steeringwheel and i have made 2 faces for that. used push pull tool to make them from 2d to 3d and then tried to intersect the side profile with the front profile but it messes up everything. The final hing has to be solid so i can 3d print it.
nukk.skp (1.6 MB)



This detail is very small, that’s why intersecting will make you lose some tiny faces. Try again intersecting after scaling your model up a hundred times. Then scale it back down once intersected & cleaned up

You also should make a group out of the two pieces as they might interfere with the steering wheel.


nukk.skp (1.6 MB)

Here’s what it could become as a solid… But I had to stretch/scale your “knuckles” a bit, as they wouldn’t match the donut.
By the way, the donut had some unwanted lines on it, that make it look unperfect, I suggest you redraw it !


Hello again! Im sorry i havent had the time to answer. Thank you for information. The resizeing worked . Still had a little mess but nothing compared to what i had at first. Anyway. Here is a picture of how the steering wheel came out !

They got a little high or too pointi but next one will be betterm thanks again for help!


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