Intersecting 3D groups


I’m trying to create a padded back of a sofa. I’ve borrowed the padding elements from another model on the 3D warehouse and created the oval shape that I’d like the rear sofa to resemble.

I have of course being playing around with the intersection tool however, it doesn’t seem to generate a clean intersection - see final image.

How can I intersect the shape of the sofa so the edges are finished off neatly please?

Screenshot 2020-11-15 at 10.07.49

I expect you are running into problems due to the tiny faces created by the Intersect Faces operation. Select all of the padding elements and your cutting shape and make a component. Then make a copy of the component and scale that copy up by a factor of 1000. Zoom Extents so you can see it, open the large component for editing, and try doing the Intersect Faces operation again. After you’ve cleaned things up, exit edit mode and then erase the giant copy. Zoom Extents to return to the original and you should be good.


The giant copy after intersect. Only really need to do half since it is symmetrical. Could even get by with doing one quarter.

Erased unneeded geometry.

Rotate/Copy the geometry to make the bottom half. Notice how the original one has had the same work done to it. The giant copy is ready for deletion.

Thanks Dave - helpful as ever!

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