Intersect faces, hidden tags (layers)

Tried searching for an answer, but can’t even think of the right search terms. I may sometimes have a few versions of a model element, in this case a raised planter between an upper and lower deck. I create a tag (layer) for each one so I can hide and unhide them to show options to a client. Problem is, when I use intersect faces with model, it will intersect with geometry on a hidden tag, which is a pain to clean up. I’ve also tried unhiding the tag of the geometry I don’t want to intersect with, and selecting the contents of that tag and hiding it, but the same thing happens. Any way to tell geometry on a hidden tag not to intersect?

Tags do not isolate geometry from interaction. You need to use groups or components.

Maybe I need some more explanation. The planter variation in each tag is in a separate group. If it would solve the problem, it wouldn’t be hard to change each group to a component if that would help.

If they are grouped then there is an error in how you are using layers.
The group should have a tag, but the geometry within the group should show as Untagged.
If you attach a model we can point out exactly what is wrong.

Correct, I always build with untagged geometry and then tag the group or component. Think I just figured out the solution. Though I had unhid the tag of the geometry that I didn’t want to intersect, I had not turned off “show hidden objects,” once I changed that, it no longer intersected. It would be a nice feature if you could right-click a tag and tell it not to intersect, or something similar…

I rarely post, though I read forum posts frequently. I feel like I’m talking to a couple of legends!!!

Thanks for the help…

That error message is telling you that somewhere in your model raw geometry on two layers/tags is coming into contact, so something must be wrong somewhere in your model.

Well, the legend appears to be correct. I made a very basic test model, and when I hide the tag for one element, it doesn’t intersect. Not sure what happened with the model I had the issue with. I only put something in a separate tag if I’ll need the option of hiding it, otherwise, all groups and geometry are untagged.

When you selected the object to tag it you may have accidentally selected some raw geometry with it. Often a group may have some raw geometry clinging to it. Hard to say without looking at your model.