Internet Explorer 11 now unsupported?

Have 2 Windows 7 machines running IE11…neither as of this morning can fully load/display this site…anyone else?


Viewing the forum with IE 11 on Windows 10 yields a blank page for me.
Perhaps it’s time to update the OS or at least the browser.

Windows 7 support will end on January 14, 2020

Chrome Browser System Requirements

Yeah…I hear ya…just have hard time justifying upgrade/subscription based replacement software that goes along with new OS.

Thank you for confirming blank page as I see same.


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I’ve yet to have any issues installing or running my old applications on Windows 10.

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Adobe Acrobat Pro is actually one I feared would fail on MSW 10…thanks for that.
That just leaves my CAD software…which has a license dongle that I am fairly certain will not be compatible…but there is hope.

Adobe has all the updates for Acrobat available on their ftp server.

Actually what to me seems to fail is the Adobe licensing system. They have probably stopped support for pre-subscription versions. When switching to a new computer, I have successfully installed my old Adobe Suite but deactivating it from my old computer fails as does activation from my new system. Currently, however, the software itself works OK.

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I opted to purchase Acrobat DC with a new Dell Precision 3620 system some three years ago.
One session with the hello kitty UI of Acrobat DC prompted a call to Dell for a refund.
Their substituting a search box in lieu of toolbars drove my decision to dump it.

I have asked discourse about this. Their site continues to work in IE 11, so something is different with the code we’re using.

Hi Colin,

Our hosting and administration for Discourse is all handled by them, we’re using their latest stable build. We don’t run a special version, but they may be running a beta version (with a fix) that we haven’t received yet. As of this moment, we’re on their most current stable build with no fixes pending… so this will likely be addressed with the next patch. I’ll ping them to let them know that we have a user on IE11 being affected.

All the functionality I absolutely need in Adobe applications has been there approximately from the days of Photoshop 4 and PageMaker 5.5. OK, I use some functions that were introduced in Photoshop 6.5. All the upgrades since then have been because new computers or OSs have made the old versions obsolete. When Acrobat Pro 9.5 stops working I will probably switch to something else - at work we have PDF Xchange Editor that has about the same functionality and costs less than 50 euros.

I posted something in their forum too.

David there replied already, and he’s posting a fix to our site. Should be there in 20 minutes.

IE 11 is working again. It seems they put IE specific code into a plugin, that then only has to load on IE and not all browsers. Something was amiss in that code, and it’s been fixed in our forum now.

Working on both of my Win_7 // IE_11 machines now too…thanks everyone!
PS…guess I can procrastinate a bit longer now :wink:


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