Internal links to another topic


I searched for the possibility to create an internal link to another topic. Where can I find a little HowTo?


Here’s a resource that may help, although I’m still groping my way around like you: GitHub Help: Markdown Basics



Copy and paste the URL?


I don’t know too much about this forum yet so there may be other ways of linking to other topics, but I made this link by surrounding the url with < url> < url> tags, I’ve added spaces to these tags to make them show.

< url>Making an elbow piece< /url>

Without the spaces results in the link bellow, though strangely the link seems to work even with the spaces in the tags.

Making an elbow piece


I’ve done this, but I’ve noticed a badge “First Link” (Added an internal link to another topic) and this didn’t change, so I thought I might do something wrong…


Maybe the badges take some time to update. How long ago?


6 days. I think Ken may be right, because it was his first post and he already owns the badge “First Link” :wink:


This forum is taking some working out to be honest :smiley:

It seems the way to post a link to another thread without quoting the post is by pasting the url without the name of the thread part of the url.


Or posting the link in line with a text link by posting the text in [] tags followed by the url in () tags.

[test] (Internal links to another topic)

Whether or not these affects the badge I’ve no idea.

Good forum by the way, I’ve learned quite a bit by reading the threads here :smiley:


It’s my understanding the capability to do certain things is based on the user’s “Trust Level”
Copy/Paste seems to work for me.
From what I read over at Discourse the link must stand alone in the text column.

Take a look at Badges under the Hamburger menu at top right of this forum’s UI
Scroll down to the bottom of the Badges page to “Trust Level” badges.
Notice how functionality increases with the user’s trust level.
Badges > Regular are granted re-categorize, rename, followed links and lounge

Test Internal Link:



Here you can see the posts which leads to the mentioned badge:

Anyone sees a rule for “this type of internal link -> First Link badge”?

Ken gets this badge with his first post, so this might not be a reason here.


Ah! … Here’s the description of trust level capabilities I couldn’t find earlier.