interactive and dynamic


For my bachelor project we need to design a container crane. For this crane we need to design a User interface.
To complete the assignment we would like to create an animation of the crane. The animation is possible in Sketchup, this I know.
Is it also possible that the animation is interactive? Meaning that the user can chose where he can position the container by entering a x,y,z coordinate?
Then after entering the coordinate switch to animation / simulation and interactively show what happens.

Eddy van der Goot

You can use the MS physics plugin, that might get you halfway.

It would be easier to pre-record each and every animation event and then create a scripted experience elsewhere.

If you need to actually enter in co-ordinates and have the crane move and execute a command such as pick up or drop off an item then I would recommend exporting to Unity or Unreal Engine.

I think Fredo6 has made an animator plugin.

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