Interact with groups



Good evenin. i would like to get feedback on the interact tool. i want to make window blind that interact on click. i made the fins of the blinds individual components and set the values to "animate(“RotY”,0,40) in order to open and close the blinds. but the only the individual opens or closes when you click on it with the interact tool. i want all 20 blind fins to close and open upon clicking only one. how would i do that.


If you are willing to share your file, I bet someone can help you make that happen!


how do i share the file sorry 1st time sketchup user


Click the seventh button to upload a file


blinds.skp (144.6 KB)

hope i did it correct. here is the file thanks for your help


It looks like the issue is that you are setting rotation for each slat individually and making each individual slat its own DC.

I put them all into a single DC with the onClick for the entire thing (user can click anywhere on the component) then the onClick changes a value that the rotation values for the individual slats refer to:

That is a little too blurry to read:

Here is a copy of the SKP. Import it into a new file to use it.

Shadingwithaclick.skp (50.0 KB)


thanks this will help a lot


Hi, I really like to learn more about groups interacting, but if I try to import the sample skp file using 2017 pro, If I import the sample file, I get “file not found or invalid”. If I double click it opens but there is no interaction. When I hoover over the shades I see a hand with a forbidden sign.

How to get this running to check it out?