Interact tool in a Viewer?

What program should my clients use to view my cabinets including opening doors with the INTERACT TOOL?

I draw cabinets with opening doors/drawers. My clients love this. So far I’ve had them download Sketchup Make. Now the only listed download options are Pro, Free & Viewer (only Pro allows use of the interact tool).
I found where SU Make 2017 is still downloadable. Is that the only option now? I just downloaded them all to my computer just in case they decide to eliminate Make.

When I first got SU Pro I spent endless hours figuring out how to get doors to open, only to find out later that it does NOT WORK in SU Viewer, SU Mobile & even SU presentation. What’s the point if the client can’t use it?

I’ve also tried other viewers, like Adobe 3D, but no interact tool, and many compatibility problems.
Has anybody solved this problem? If not, does somebody have an explanation? It helps to understand why.

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They can still download SketchUp 2017 Make.

Thanks for the quick response Dave. Yes, that’s the link I posted with my questions. But I’m asking if there’s a VIEWER that has the Interact tool? My concern is that, since Make is no longer listed in “Products”, it’s about to be removed. If they do discontinue Make the value of my Pro version drops dramatically. It seems likely that they will discontinue it given the new web-based direction Trimble is taking.

My real question is does anybody know of a VIEWER that has the interact tool?

No. There isn’t an Interact tool in the desktop viewer.

They’ve publicly announced that SketchUp 2017 Make is not going away any time soon. Give your client the correct link and they can download it.

Thanks again Dave. That’s what I suspected. It does help that they say SU 2017 Make is here to stay.

I also would love to see SketchUp Viewer have a working “interact” tool. I share files with clients in my residential and kitchen design business. The ability to open and close doors, cabinet drawers, etc. would make an already good app an even better experience for my clients.

Interact is a part of the Dynamic components plugin. Currently neither the web version or viewer support plugins, and even if they did Dynamic Components is an old, inconsistent plugin full of bugs that I don’t think anyone would be happy to maintain.

Thanks for the clarification. I had forgotten that DCs are a plugin. I think Sketchup without plugins would be just plain silly. That’s it’s main feature. I also use the “stretch by area” add-on, without which Sketchup wouldn’t work for me. We’re probably getting into a new topic now, but it seems a serious threat that Trimble is trying to sell a “a new and improved” product by subtracting it’s main features (in the web version). If the web version worked well as a viewer, I would have my clients use it, but I couldn’t get it to work myself. I couldn’t get as far as loading a file from my computer.

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