Intel GPU driver issues

A useful link to all those with Intel GPU issues (or trying to help).

As of Nov 2018, Intel GPU drivers are now made by Microsoft and may coincide with more driver issues hitting this forum.

Intel GPU driver uopdates

nope, still made by intel and distributed via their Download Center or the ‘Driver & Support Asistant’ and in subseqence by ‘Windows Update’.

As of November 2018, driver updates for Intel products on these operating systems will begin transitioning to Windows DCH Drivers.

So you are saying Windows DCH drivers are still made by Intel?

My point is, Microsoft seems to have some involvement in these drivers and they are clearly not as reliable as older Intel drivers for SketchUp functionality (at least in my case).

The page YOU linked clearly says that Intel will begin distributing DCH drivers beginning November of 2018.

Hardware running on these operating systems can use Windows DCH Drivers. Intel will begin distributing Windows DCH Drivers for its products beginning in November 2018.

So, you’re topic title and 1st post are absolutely misleading.

Only 5th and 6th generation Intel HD and Iris graphics controllers are supported, so this will limit who might have issues. See the FAQ page (link below.)

A tutorial at

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