Integrate 3 SU models into one layout file?

I have a question about managing multiple models into one finale group of Architectural drawings. I have two buildings on 2 1/2 areas. I have existing and future upgrades in different scenes. At this point I have three separate model files. I cut and pasted two building models Into a separate larger (in the sense of scale) site model with all the prop lines, roads, etc. Should I have just modeled everything in the overall site model to begin with? This way I can mange layers. Or is there a way for you to change viewports to different files/models for each separate building within one layout file?

thanks Tom

No. Separation is better. Treat each building as a component. This also helps so as not to overwhelm SketchUp as it renders, and slow your modeling down.

You can come up with a layer naming scheme to apply to all building models, if you like.

Yes sure you can.

And you can also stack LayOut viewports. For example your plot plan can be in a viewport, with top view building viewport(s) stacked above it.

Thanks Dan,

I am going to give stacking a try:)