Installing trilateration in Win10

I’m new to plugins. Anyone just know how to install this in Win10?

Do you mean this extension ?

##Extension Warehouse User Guide

##SketchUp Help Center

I’m not sure. I downloaded on by Didier Bur who was then updated by TIG called True Tangents. I’m trying to make a triangle with 3 known dimensions. We measured in the field and know what the dimesions should be. When I try to do it in SketchUp the dimensions change. I’m hoping this plugin will remedy that.

Triangulation in SketchUp is affected by the fact that circles (and arcs) are represented by sequences of edges, not real circles. Extensions such as TIG’s and my own Circle Intersect (available from sketchUcation) work around this by accessing the true parameters of the circles.

Doesn’t really matter which. If it is a RBZ (zip) archive, you can install manually as the help center article explains.

But if it is available at the SketchUp Extension Warehouse or the SketchUcation PluginStore, you can use those utilities to install any plugin they host for you.

Didier Bur: Trilateration v1.1x does exactly that.

Make a copy of of the download RBZ file, say, on your desktop.
Change the RBZ extension to ZIP.
Extract the contents of the ZIP file, again, say, to your desktop.
Therein, you’ll find the plugin documentation.

Here’s the documentation:
Trilateration.pdf (114.6 KB)