Installing SketchUp to Hammer Export plugin

I put all of the necessary files from sdk_tools/plugins/sketchup in sketchup tools folder. Plugins folder doesn’t exist and I can find SketchUp only in programs files… there are no new toolbars or export as .VMF in the menu.
Please help me!

Thank you.

Do not ever put anything in the “Tools” folder. This is for SketchUp internal use, and only internal OEM files will be loaded from “Tools” in SketchUp versions 16.0 and higher.

The “Plugins” folder has been moved to the User’s %AppData% folders path since SketchUp v2014.

Ie: “%APPDATA%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2016/SketchUp/Plugins


Extensions and plugins should be installed from RBZ (zip) archives.
Window > Preferences > Extensions
Click “Install Extension…” button.
Browse to where the RBZ archive is, and select it.
Click OK button, answer Yes the popup security message.

Check the “Extensions” menu for any new items or submenus.
Toolbars need to be switched on manually.
View Toolbars…

Neither of these is much help. Please provide weblinks.
Do not assume anyone here knows what this “plugin” is.

(Moving to Extensions category.)

EDIT: (Add information)

Main Wiki

  • This plugin is old and mentions supporting Google SketchUp versions 5…7.

Installation Wiki

  • Paths given implies non-knowledge of 64-bit editions (since SketchUp 2015.)

  • Erroneous information telling users to copy plugins into “Tools” folder for SketchUp version 2016.

  • Does not follow “polite” convention of SketchUp extensions.

    • Multiple files in the toplevel “Plugins” folder.

Thank you!

I now have extensions and Export SMD/VTF.
I hope it will work! :slight_smile:

dude can you help me about this? i cant see any export plugins thing in toolbars menu?

dude. You need to get up to date on SketchUp first of all. Version 3 is more than a dozen years old.

Read Dan’s replies, above.

And please fill out your profile with useful information if you wish to have help.


FYI, I think that I had sent them a copy of what I posted above, so hopefully they’ll update their plugin and the erroneous info in their wiki.