Installer conflict with Avid Sibelius



Installer is trying to overwrite a component also used by Avid Application Manager Helper (asks to shut down application or reboot), but does not indicate what this component is.
Needless to say, my ability to notate my scores is greater than my desire to digitize a bedframe design using SketchUp.


I briefly glanced at information on your app. I wonder if that above mention component is something like Java. I think your app requires Java 1.7 to be installed - and the latest version of Java is 8. I don’t know if SU needs this.

I didn’t see any mention of NET Framework for your app requirements - which the SU installer will have updated and installed if your system doesn’t already have it.

Any other details, even a screen shot may help narrow this down.


Thx for the response…

No, there is no requirement for either Java or .NET of any form or version for Avid products.
If you can point me to the installer log, I can provide that (assuming it’s logging these details).


Avid Application Manager Helper does require Java see and for what’s included in the installer.

I haven’t found similar reference material for SU except it’s NET Framework requirements. The SU installer only searches your computer and have NET Framework downloaded from MS - it’s not included in the installer like all the stuff included in the Avid installer.

You could try to download NET Framework directly from MS, it’s an optional download. That would test if that component is bumping into your Avid program.


I don’t know where the Advanced Uninstalled folks gathered their information, but it’s incorrect (or likely just outdated).
The Sieticno site refers to an application I am not using.
The requirements for Sibeleus are listed here:

If I might be provided with the location for the SU installation log, I just might be able to determine for myself what component the SU installer thinks is shared by SU and AAM.


I poked around a bit and could not find it. It may be hidden in C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Application Data. It’s a hidden system folder that may only be opened if you are logged on as an administrator. There are a few other log files above that location, but none are about SU/