Installation. Files that need to be updated?


Good afternoon.
Firstly, as you’ll see I’m new to Sketchup…
I work in a school and I’ve been asked to install Sketchup Make onto student machines. Running as an administrator, on the first one I tried I got a dialogue stating that “some files that need to be updated are in use”. That’s not unusual, but in this instance it mentioned both “Google Chrome” and “Novell GroupWise Client”. GroupWise is our email system.
Has anyone any idea what file(s) the installer wants to update? and what modifications it may wish to make?
Ultimately, I need to deploy the installation and the last thing I want is to be left with a classroom of machines that run Sketchup but cannot read email.
Many thanks for any and all contributions,
Best regards,


I will leave the Windows wizards to puzzle the details, but SketchUp does not use either Chrome or GroupWise (it uses the built-in IE for web and does not involve email), so these messages seem inappropriate. The most likely possibility is that some library that SketchUp updates (e.g. maybe .NET) is also used by those apps, and can’t be in use during the install?