Install Sketchup on Air-gapped PC

Have Sketchup 2015 Pro. Need to install it on air-gapped Windoze 7 with large enuff monitor as to not go blind. Sketchup became next to unusable with the mandatory Windoze 10 “upgrade.” Can’t Install Sketchup & verify the license number on the air-gapped PC as no internet connection exists. Can’t temporarily add a wireless PCI-E adapter as the Windoze 7 registration period has expired, and apparently Gates & Company determine anything not registered is pirated, which deactivates the ability for wireless PCI-E install software to recognize the Win 7 OS. Surely there is a simpler fix than wiping Windoze 7, reinstalling, registering, installing a wireless PCI-E adapter, verifying Sketchup, yanking the adapter and reinstalling it on the Win 10 PC?

You have a 2016 license as well, though you would have to roam around the forum to find an archive for the 2016 installer.

If you had support for Windows, things would be easier, and if your support for SketchUp hadn’t ended six years ago, that would be easier too. You might as well contact SketchUp support and explain your situation, they would have the ability to make an offline license for your computer. You would need to send in the MAC address for the computer, and the Windows user name. Then you could download the 2016 installer from wherever you find it, and put the installer and license file onto a USB drive, then connect that to the offline computer.