Install Sketchup Make (problems)


When I will install the Skechup Make, automatically, it change for SkechupPro, but I don’t want to pay because I’m student. First, I try install the Skechup Make, but, I used the SketchupPro 15, free for 30 days, after I try all the ways, like educational use and personal projects. I can’t download and I need immediate. Somebody help me, please?


answered many times already:

• SU Make: runs 30 days as Pro version and than degenerates to the functional limited, non-commercial Make version
• SU Pro: runs 30 days as Pro version and than ceases to work further without a valid license for SU Pro

Download: SketchUp Make/Pro f. Windows 7/8 x32/64 & Mac OS X v10.8+ x64


… without a valid PRO license key