Inserting model in Layout


I just started using SketchUp and once I make the scenes that I need for my Layout presentation, I try to insert the sketchup model and appears in a pale grey color that I can’t select. The only one that appears in bold characters are the former file saved but not the last one. Can somebody help me?


How are you going about inserting it into LayOut? Could you upload the LayOut file so we can see it? Or at least make some screen shots?


Thanks Dave,
Once I stop using the Demo and bought the 2017 version I constantly receive a saving failure notice see the screenshot and for the insertion see the other screenshot I am trying to insert the modelo3d26jan2017 file and appears in a grey color.


the other save failure


The SketchUp files that end in “~” are backup files. You shouldn’t be working directly with those files unless you need to recover from a SketchUp crash, in which case you would want to rename it to remove the “~”.

I’m not sure why you’re getting the Save failure in SketchUp. Are you working directly on a network drive, Google drive, or DropBox folder?