Inserting hand drawn plans to layout

I’m really struggling when inserting a scanned hand drawn plan as layout seems to resize it? so when I print it off as a finished document (with sketch up models etc) it resizes it… but not always?? Its only resizing slightly and its not the scanner or printer doing it. Is there a setting I’m missing to retain original scale? I am resizing every plan at the moment with the scale tool but it never seems 100% accurate and also takes time depending on the drawing??

What do you mean by “hand drawn”? Are you importing a raster image? Does it appear that the image is changing dimensions? There’s no real way to precisely scale an image. You can adjust its size. You might find it easier to turn off the snapping option in Arrange when adjusting the size of an image.

Hi Dave, So I draw and scan in a hand drawn plan as a simple line drawing and this is usually 1:50 or 1:100 and it can be either a PDF or Jpeg. I then insert this into Layout and add comments and 3d images from Sketch up with our logo and various info…The difficulty is when you insert the line drawing, Layout seems to automatically resize the image and it’s no longer to scale so I have to resize it using the scale/dimension tool to check the sizes…It works to a point but isnt 100% accurate and usually takes 10 -15 mins to double check and adjust. I was just hoping there was a way to insert the image retaining its original size (as scanned).

Thanks for your help.

OK. I think I understand what you are doing.

How about trying this following?

Make sure Object Snap is turned on in the Arrange menu. Draw a rectangle that matches the size you want for the image. Put that on a layer below the layer you’ll put the image on and lock that layer. Then insert the image, align one corner of the image to the rectangle and drag the opposite corner to the opposite corner of the rectangle. With Object Snapping on, the image corner should snap to the rectangle’s corner and be the right size. Later you can delete the rectangle or turn off the visibility of its layer.

Thanks, that makes perfect sense however as the plans I draw are often on the same size paper I have to crop the scanned image (so it doesnt cover over the 3d images and logo etc on the layout page) so It’s not a size I can quantify on the computer, thus the only way I have found to do it is to draw a line the length of something in the plan (to scale) and then increase the plan until it matches the size…It’s just a bit fiddly and not so accurate.

If you use a jpg (or I would use a png) you can look at its size in your image editor and find out what the aspect ratio of the cropped image is. Then draw the rectangle with the matching aspect ratio.

If there’s space for the logo and stuff over the image, you could put the image on a lower layer than the logo and stuff so it doesn’t cover them. The rectangle and the image could be larger than the page, too. You could do the same alignment thing and let the image bleed if you want.

IMHO, (as a SU and LO user)
You should try to do as much as possible in SU, or anywhere besides LO, before sending content to LO for organizing and printing.
The lack of ability to draw to scale in LO or to accurately scale a scan as you wish to do is a significant limitation, and leads to the sorts of workarounds that Dave suggests. (which sounds like it will work)
In your case, you can import the scan to SU, scale it to size quite accurately, insert your other SU 3D items to the SU file, manipulate things accurately, and save some scenes to send to LO. This also allows you to show your sketch as the ground plane of a perspective 3D view (for example).

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You could do that but it adds a step of image compression that may or may not be a good thing. The image would need to be scaled in SU to the correct size if not done in LO so you don’t really save any steps or time. At least there are options.

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